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Dave Morris is one of Australia’s most outstanding bass players, producers and live performers...

The music is unique and well before it’s time... and for Dave Morris this has always been the case.

Starting out in Newcastle in the 1980's Dave played with Beat Goes Public with Scott Chapman, Cambell Fry, Gary Laucht and Capree Morris. Small Change with Bruce Clark, Dave Power and
Dave Morris. The Bouncing Soles with: Geoff Groth, Rodney Gibson, Simon, James Benson, Martin McLaughlin, Roger Quinn, Stuart, Mk 2: Geoff Groth, John McIvor, James Benson, Pete Hawker, Dave Kelly, Richard Howard, Tony Narvo, Tony Collins, Allan Watson and Scott Chapman.

Pre.Shrunk formed in 1996. Pre.Shrunk is a Melbourne-based rock band. Pre.Shrunk is made up of two bass players Dave Morris and Davage Thomas and drummer Justin Dwyer. Original fusion of funked-out rock, brain-crushing bottom end and brutal humour.

hans dirty a.k.a Dave Morris creates electronic music. hans loves all the noises and they love him back. The noise is keepin’ bodies movin’.  Hans dirty uses a laptop, electric bass & other devices.  hans is not a D.j, he remixes and performs his music live. hans is always busy making new music & playing parties, festivals, events & clubs around the world. Events include: Earthcore 2007.

hans has been busy pushing buttons for all kinds of audio dignitaries - recently remixing Bubble and Squeak (Beefcake 2000 - smash bang), Audio Fabio (You & You & Me makes 3) out now on Groove Armada's Ragbull - future of the armada + 'Bionikworld (Filthy - Esp) & Legs For FIish (hjernyjen - nz) and more...

hans dirty has worked with acts: The Package - W/ Ehsan Gelsi , Flog - W/ Knitros / Bionikworld and the critically acclaimed live rock/electronica act pre.shrunk who were nominated for 3 aria awards.

Dave Morris has worked with Ian Sandercoe on numerous mixes of tracks by Ian Sandercoe and recorded by Reggie Bowman at Scream Louder Studios.

Get more information about Dave Morris at the hans dirty website:  hansdirty.com


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Dave Morris

Dave Morris Bass Guitarist

Hans Dirty & Davarj perform a duel bass track together at the Warwick 25th Anniversary celebrations in Melbourne.